Freeport Presbyterian Church 

Please keep the following individuals in your prayers:

Grace Andrews, Pam Canaday, Jane Dillard, David Farrington, Dana Fondren, Edward Graham, David Hall, Christine Howerd, Cathy Lafferty, David Leavitt, Otis Like, Benny Mardone, Polly McCall, Doris McDonald, Mary McGathy, Lois Merrill, Carol Messina, Betty Moore, Durl Odom, Carole and Dennis Richards, Joseph Siefker, and Tricia Turner.

Please keep our friends and churches across the Panhandle of Florida Presbytery in your prayers.

If you know of names to add or remove for prayers, please

email Pam Dillon at

or call 850-685-3804.

For Prayer Chain, call Betty Moore: 850-380-3442